Jackson RR3 Flying V Randy Rhoads Gloss Black

Up for grabs we have a used Jackson RR3 in Black, made in Japan.  From what I can tell, it appears to be from the late 90’s.  I got this guitar used
as a customer trade in.  Right off the bat I noticed damage on both points. (Pictured)  Someone had done a repair to the one horn with glue, it could be 
done better.  The pickups were also changed to ESP pickups.  There are also some minor scratches on the back. (Pictured)

Other than those little ticky tack things.  This guitar plays great!  I just set it up with D’addario EXL115w strings.  Those who know japanese Jacksons, 
know that they are very well built with an attention to detail.   Get this guitar at a discounted price, they used to sell for over 600 new!

Alder body (with flamed maple top under transparent finishes)
Bolt-on maple neck with scarf joint headstock
Ivoroid binding on neck and headstock
MOTO sharkfin inlays
25-1/2″ scale
22 jumbo frets
Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson low-profile double-locking tremolo
Volume, volume, tone, three-way
Sealed die-cast tuners
Chrome pickguard
Black hardware

Jackson Randy Rhoads 3

Jackson Randy Rhoads 3 in trans blue, made in Japan, in very good-excellent used condition. Serial number is  9615245.

Only issues with this guitar are minor cosmetic, and need for new strings and a proper setup. Tremolo arm is missing.

Front of Body: Looks great. The area above the pickups and tremolo has some very small random scratches, but to see them you have

to literally put the guitar directly under a bright light and turn the guitar to different orientations to see them. No swirl nor pick scrape marks.

Anodized materials all look great.

Back side of Body: Looks great. Between the black cavity plate and the neck plate there are a few very small random scratches, one 2 inch

scuff mark near the strap lock. A few small scratches on the cavity plate. One very tiny indentation.

Edges around the body: Top of upper wing looks great…1 very tiny indentation. Bottom wing looks great. V at the rear of the body also look great.

Neck: Back of neck looks/feels perfect. Front of neck looks great….very minimal fret wear observed.

Head stock: Excellent.

Tips of wings: Upper wing tip has 3-4 very tiny dings but no paint chipped off. Lower wing is perfect.

Randy Rhoads Gear

Gibson 1974 Les Paul Custom in Alpine White, which was flanked by 2 distinctive V-shaped electric guitars. This guitar was a major Randy Rhoads gear during his career and he applied it for a most of his audio recordings and shows with Osbourne. The most obvious marking on that instrument appeared to be Randy’s name engraved upon the pickguard.

Karl Sandoval polka dot Flying V. This is a hybrid Randy Rhoads gear of a Gibson and a Fender, was finished in Sept 1979 by Karl Sandoval. This guitar is designed by Randy Rhoads and hence is his favorite.

White Jackson Randy Rhoads was referred to as the “Concorde” by Randy Rhoads himself. It presented an asymmetrical V-shaped body, with the base wing shorter than the top wing. It has pinstripes and, just like the Sandoval flying V, a neck-thru design, instead of a bolt-on neck.

Black Jackson Rhoads with fixed bridge.

Randy Roads Jackson

Few guitarists have impacted rock music as much as Randy Roads Jackson.
During his days with Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne, Rhoads lit up the heavy metal world with his blisteringly-fast solos and intricate rhythm work. Today, Jackson offers several different Randy Rhoads models — all bearing the same vision and features inherent in Randy’s original sketches.
The Randy Rhoads RR3 is available in solid colours, transparent flame maple finishes, and swirls.

Rhoads Jackson

Rhoads Jackson Features: 24 Jumbo Frets, Bolt on maple neck, String Thru Body, 2 Jackson CVR2 Humbuckers. Came with a Jackson Gig bag.

Sound: Pickups sounds great for metal, they give a properly heavy sound, came with .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042 strings, but I quickly restrung mine with some D’Addario Medium top X-heavy bottoms (11, 14, 19, 32, 44, 56) which are great for heavier stuff, as the guitar is permanantly in Drop C tuning. Sounds good on any amp, and is great for pinch harmonics.

Action, Fit & Finish: The only problem I had was a loose screw at the back of the body which took about 3 seconds to fix. The volume and tone knob become loose quite quickly, but this is easily fixed with the screw at the side.

Reliability & Durability: Have had no problems with pickups, the hardware is absolutely fine, very lightweight so using on stage is fine. Guitar feels solid and well made.

Impression: I mainly play metal, varying from older thrash to modern metalcore, and it sounds amazing. I also own a Cort G Series, this guitar is a huge improvement for my playing style. There isn’t anything I don’t like about it, apart from the fact it’s uncomfortable sit with. The one thing I would change about it would be change the pickups to some active ones, although this would increase price. Overall a very good guitar, I recommend it to anyone who plays metal.

Randy Rhoads Jackson

I purchased the guitar back in 2007 for nearly $4,000 when I was more into metal music. I currently play in a more classic rock band and I have not used this guitar in nearly 3 years. It was a tough decision to part with it but I am looking to purchase a 50’s Gibson Les Paul Custom.

The guitar is in mint condition, and is an original Jackson-Concorde design, which was designed by the late Randy Rhoads in 1980. It has Seymour Duncan pick-ups and a neck-thru body.
It was a custom made order so the chances of seeing another guitar like this one are slim.

It comes with a custom fitting case and I still have the original price tag for the guitar. This guitar will only appreciate over time and will not lose its value. Its color is called Eerie Decent Swirl; here is the link to randy rhoads jackson website which features this guitar, among others, and the price ranges. Please contact if interested. I can provide more pictures upon request.

Randy Rhoads Jackson Guitar

The Randy Rhoads Jackson Guitar has it roots in the very early days at Jackson, when the late, great Randy Rhoads approached them with a idea based on the classic “V” design. Together they created a whole new rock & roll icon. This custom version features Gold pinstripes and Gold hardware, Alder body, Seymour Duncan Designed humbuckers, 25.5 inch scale bolt-on Maple neck and a Rosewood fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets. Its also equipped with a rock solid string thru bridge.

Jackson Guitars
A Jackson guitar is meant to be played, and played hard. Each of their endorsers and players choose Jackson because they know Jackson builds their instruments just how they want them. Jackson’s instruments are built to handle hard lives on the road, and are ready to take whatever players will throw at them – that’s the just the way it is, and Jackson won’t have it any other way.

Randy Rhoads Guitar Jackson

Jackson delivered colossal news Wednesday evening with the announcement of the Randy Rhoads Tribute Guitar. In collaboration with the Rhoads’ family, the Jackson Custom Shop will build 60 exact replicas of the first Randy Rhoads Jackson, often referred to as the Concorde.

Randy’s brother Kelly and sister Kathy were joined by Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian for the big reveal, which was captured in this Jackson video.

There are also loads more places to go, just take a look on Randy Rhoads Guitar Jackson.

Randy Jackson Signature

The Markbass Randy Jackson Signature Tube Bass Amp Head is best described as “Modern Vintage,” which may seem to be an oxymoron, but it sums up the unique new TTE 500 well. Current technology is brought together with classic tone concepts in a head that looks and sounds vintage—but features some special adaptations of the innovations that put the Markbass on the map. The classic sound comes from an old-style tube preamp, a tube compressor, a simple 3-band passive EQ section, a “Color” filter (a tube adaptation of the famous Markbass VLE control), and an innovative Tube Technology Emulator power amp.



The White Jackson Randy Rhoads was referred to as the “Concorde” by Randy Rhoads himself.

Randy Rhoads acknowledged Grover Jackson, and then with Charvel’s Maintenance section, and introduced a drawing of a significant new electric guitar design on 23 December, 1980. Randy’s re-designed instrument was dubbed “the Concorde” considering its innovative design. It was the first time the Jackson logo showed up on a guitar headstock. The Concorde guitar has been known as the core fJackson bloodline was created. In the 25 Anniversary of the Guitar World Magazine the unique Concord was identified as the most iconic electric guitar ever existing.

Though Rhoads was often seen with the Concorde V, many fans might be amazed to discover that the Concorde carries a three way pickup selector that was usually illegible in performance photographs.

Randy Rhoads Concorde Guitar Specs:
Body Wood: Basswood
Neck Wood: Maple
Construction: Set-in
Fretboard: Rosewood
Scale Length: 25.5″
Frets: 22
Pickups: 2 Humbuckers
Switch: 3-way selection switch
Controls: 2 Tone, 2 Volume
Color: White w/ black pinstripe
Hardware: Gold