Randy Rhoads Gear

Gibson 1974 Les Paul Custom in Alpine White, which was flanked by 2 distinctive V-shaped electric guitars. This guitar was a major Randy Rhoads gear during his career and he applied it for a most of his audio recordings and shows with Osbourne. The most obvious marking on that instrument appeared to be Randy’s name engraved upon the pickguard.

Karl Sandoval polka dot Flying V. This is a hybrid Randy Rhoads gear of a Gibson and a Fender, was finished in Sept 1979 by Karl Sandoval. This guitar is designed by Randy Rhoads and hence is his favorite.

White Jackson Randy Rhoads was referred to as the “Concorde” by Randy Rhoads himself. It presented an asymmetrical V-shaped body, with the base wing shorter than the top wing. It has pinstripes and, just like the Sandoval flying V, a neck-thru design, instead of a bolt-on neck.

Black Jackson Rhoads with fixed bridge.

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